In the end, we can only take the final leap of faith, and trust that mankind is capable of being kinder. Trust, is one of the common triggers for anxieties. When we don’t know if we can trust anymore, that, is the scariest thing.

“Integrity is built by defeating the temptation to be dishonest; humility grows when we refuse to be prideful; and endurance develops every time you reject the temptation to give up.” ~ Rick Warren

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Take No Sides, Just Care and Support


I miss the life that we once shared together, the promises and vows, and all the possibilities of future, but the relationship had run its course now. I am still sad sometimes, the marriage deserves that much from us. We grieve and mourn for the loss, but we will both bury the marriage together and start to heal.

Now, it is just care, support, and protect.

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Healing Process – Experience the Inconvenience


Today is my first mailing day! Since the business started in 2006, I never have to post the packages myself, except for the few times that I was out with friends, but I didn’t have to take public transport with the huge packages, that is. Now, taking the bus was alright, I checked at least […]

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Healing Process – I am of Paramount Importance

I am Important

I am healing. I don’t stop believing. I still believe that the most romantic thing in life is growing old together; not flowers, jewelry, or any luxuries (but, I do love my iMac, iPhone and other gadgets, just saying!). A simple statement, but by desiring to grow old together with one person, that encompasses everything […]

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Love Beyond Lust – Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

Many of you responded and reached out to me after reading my post yesterday. I am truly moved, more than you could imagine. This chapter in my life book is never about anger, hatred, blame, or fault. This is about support and love, always. This is where we choose to rise above and do better. […]

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The End of Happily Ever After

Hurting Heart

The Pony and Meow will always be my precious project, so I decide to keep it going. This blog began as a wedding blog – celebration of love! I don’t change, I am capable of keeping an interest going forever, at least I would like to think I am capable of forever. The blog grew […]

Hotels Combined – Best Search and Save for Hotel Deals


Three years ago, I was approached by Hotels Combined to feature and introduce their search and compare services on my websites. The understanding was that once the feature went live, they will make a USD20 donation for each website that I posted on to the charity organization of my choice. They held up to their […]

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Closing the Distance between Differences | Couple Fight

When I was young (and stupider), emotional control was a foreign phrase that I never made friend with. The fights I had with the boyfriends were dramatic and mostly impulsive. How do you fight with your partner? Aging is probably the most graceful thing bestowed on me, although I can’t say the same for the […]

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Personalized Cufflinks for the Pony’s Birthday | Early Presents


The past few weeks had been super busy, and I doubt it will wane off anytime soon; not at least until our annual vacation next Feb! The only times I ‘have’ to get out of the apartment are for medical appointments; I contemplated between some of my favorite well-known brands such as Hugo Boss, LV […]

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One for me; One for him | iPhone 5

This idea is hardly original, since I am the originator – the iPad gifting, I would think it’s worth passing along! The husband had shown great interest in the iPhone 5, needless to say, I had the least interest since I rarely use my cell – in fact, I think only less than 20 people […]

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