evidence of love…

with love, mike...

with love, mike...

So, this is the much talked about supplementary card that the husband applied for me. It may actually be the first supplementary card from him too.

I don’t go out often, and all the more, I am selective of the company that I go out with. I enjoy lazy afternoon tea and coffee with good friends whom I am completely comfortable with. I don’t want to be watching what I say, because I shouldn’t need to when around friends who love me for who I am, and understand fully that it is never my intention to hurt them if the words come out too blunt and raw.

When I do get out – which is now even rarer, since 2 good friends are located abroad, permanently – I’d like to pay for the small meals. When the bill arrives, it’s also the beginning of the mini drama of the tug-of-war of who should not pay since neither of us wants to take advantage of each other. Friends know I work really hard as self-employer indie crafter, so the best way to win this ‘war’ is ‘My husband loves me…’

With that, I flashed my blue card to show them the personalized prints on the card. I don’t really use that card as I prefer another bank which updates more diligently on the transactions on the online banking facility.

Mike and I share many stories even long before we started to date, rarely normal, but mostly fun and memorable. I should have known right from the beginning, since our first date was not even remotely normal. Of course that must have set the trend of more quirks along the way, including the wedding day!


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