shaping up for holiday

pre-training for holiday

pre-training for holiday

I am not exactly a frequent traveler, nor I traveled around the world, but I have traveled to some far far away places, and strangely, I have never set foot on the land of the beautiful Indonesia.

Living in a fast-paced, compressed, and congested city like ours, I desire the holiday of relaxation and slower paced. Destinations where warmer humanity could be better felt. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Singapore a great deal, but people can behave rather too impatiently due to the fast paced lifestyle – as though we have no time for manners.

In a haste, we often falsely believe that mouthing an additional ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ would cost us an arm or in the most exaggerated way – cost us a million dollar deal.

I am really excited that I am going to Bali soon. I have pre-ordered the title ‘Bali & Lombok’ by Lonely Planet from The Book Depository, UK. (They may not be the cheapest, but their prices are highly competitive, better than local sellers, and the big plus point is that they offer free shipping worldwide. In addition, the customer service is excellent. This is my 2nd book purchased from the fine company, and the shopping experiences have been wonderful)

I have always preferred laid back paced countries such as resort islands, and all time favorite Australia – not so much of the cities, but their suburbs.

From my previous experiences, those places involved lots of walking. The husband used to run marathon, and he sure can walk long distances that far exceed my small brain imagination! Oh well, perhaps it’s about time to do some pre-training before I hit the route of too much walking with the husband in the lovely Bali.

shaping up for holiday

I have researched quite intensely on the stepper, which is perfect fit in my home now, since we are still trying to get our own place. I have finally decide to order the Stepper from AiBi Fitness. I was hesitant to purchase from AiBi due to the image presentation on the website and brochure. As the stepper is rather heavy, the shipping fee does not justify the cost of the product, if I were to ship from USA, therefore, I take the plunge and order from AiBi.

The stepper is only a few days’ old, so I can’t comment much yet, but I broke a sweat by under 5 mins on the stepper.

My morning walk only lasted nearly a year, but decide to scrap the ‘project’ as my eczema didn’t approve of the mixture of high humidity and sweating. I ended up with too much unbearably itchy rashes that resulted in medical attention.

shaping up for holiday

So, I need to work out in the cooler environment, man-made or not.


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  1. lis says:

    Hi, I was researching on aibi stepper and came across ur blog entry. Do you mind sharing your opinions on the stepper? e.g. is it a good investment? effecctive? and do you use it frequently?

    thanks in advance! :)

    *u can email me your thoughts if you wish to. :)

    • lissymeow says:

      Hey there!

      If not for space constraint, I would definitely invest in a proper treadmill over stepper. However, considering the price, this is great investment for quick workout. You will sweat out by 10th minute, and I keep myself distracted with games on iPad (I stacked 2 carton boxes on a mobile table and place the iPad on it, so that I don’t have to hold the iPad on hand). Most of the time, I stayed on the stepper for 25-30minutes.

      My work schedule is getting very heavy due to overwhelming orders, so I skip some days, but trying to keep on track for most weekdays.

      IMO, it wouldn’t be sufficient to rely solely on the stepper for shedding kilos, but it’s good for toning. ;)

  2. lis says:

    hahah i was waiting for your email. didnt know you have replied here! thanks a lot for the prompt reply! :D alright i’ll shall get it then. Actually I did emailed aibi cs, and the cs lady – clare, said that the warranty is only for 3 months and the repair service will only be free if I send it to them. Thus I hesitated cos i did read somewhere that the stepper malfunctioned/broke down after a few months. Anyway I’ll just give it a try. Its better than sitting around at home. :p hahah

    Thanks a lot for sharing your opinions! :D

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