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the nonsense…

Some years ago, in that fateful July, our fates are sealed, forever. So, people say that it gets better with time, and surely they are not lying (whoever ‘they’ may be). The nonsense that brought us together, certainly get better with time too!

VIC - Great Ocean Rd - Apollo Bay

Everyday, I am reminded that it has been the wisest decision to be married to the ‘super pony’, since he is one of the two men that I have known by far, who can take my natural quirkiness that auto-generate nonsense on a daily basis.

(the ‘super pony’ story shall be left for another day eh)


super pony in his red underwear

Oh well, the other man shouldn’t count since he frightened the daylight out of me when he mapped out our marriage life by the 3rd informal date. I was barely 18 years old then, and he was 10 years my senior! Don’t get me wrong, that man was a really sweet and attentive man. He visited me for lunches at the different supermarkets that I was working as food promoter on weekends – I have been a workaholic all my life, if you must know, I worked as a merchandiser on weekdays and promoter on weekends.

On the 3rd visit aka informal date, he asked about what I would like to do in future, and as truthful and candid as always, I told him that I would love to be staying home – housewife, and that I had specific weird requirements for my future home etc. The next thing he said put the possibly budding relationship into an abrupt end. He said that there was no problem if I didn’t work after marriage, and that I could do whatever I wish with our home. It’s just another mini drama, really. (It’s actually more weird on how we met.)

Mike is probably the only guy who can take my nonsense, big, small, and of any sizes imagined. When I say I would love to stay home, it is literal. I really mean, STAY HOME.

I do have this quirky streak in my personality, which would be weirder not to notice. I tend to fall in love with guys whom I met in the most unexpected way. Perhaps being purely sweet is too ordinary for the quirky me. Many of you would have known our unorthodox love story by now; what you don’t know is that the actual romance didn’t spark off on a sweet note.

We were at the telco retail outlet, and I was really liking one of the Sony Ericsson’s candy bar phone, while the boy admired the sleek Motorola clamshell phone. Considering that I was his client then, you would think that he would have the decent courtesy to at least conceal his honest negative opinion towards the phone I was insanely in love with. *Note – my eyes sparkled up at the sight of the phone, so yes, I was like a child in a candy shop staring at the favorite candy.

The boy said nonchalantly: Nothing special, anyway I don’t like it.

What a damper!

A day or two later, he texted me, “by the way, I bought the Sony Ericsson phone that you liked’. Naturally, as much I was trying to hold myself together, I replied with a polite profanity, ‘abcdefg.. $%$@*&^’. Then, within seconds, I shared this experience with anyone and everyone that I could get hold of. I hoped his ears itched badly!

Thinking back, hey, maybe that was how he tried to leave an impression!

Remember, this sort of ‘nonsense’ happens on a regular, frequent, and daily basis.

So, for today, please allow me to serve you the main nonsensical dish (or not, since the day is still young):

I was making some changes to my eShop, and edited an email template to the club membership notification. By error, I copied the email to our shared email account – yes, we have a shared email account, which is used for common matters such as housing etc – and he replied if he gets to enjoy super special discount, and the to/fro dialogue goes:

******** beginning of dialogue  *********

Mike:  Do I get super special discount??

Lis: Wahaha.. Sent to our common email by mistake.. You owe me a lot of money I think..

Mike:  errrr why do i owe u $$$??? hahaha

Lis: bu zhi dao (this is hanyu pinyin to be read in Chinese – it means ‘Don’t know’)

Mike: Oh dear…. I will try asking people I know. 

Mike : I think you owe me $$$.
Friend reply : Why do I owe you $$$ ?
Mike : Bu Zhi Dao.
Friends reply : Flying kick and punch

Lis:  mwaahhahaha

Mike:   (-_-”)…

************ end of dialogue ************

With this, I count my blessings that I have someone to take my nonsense of any kind, and plays along too. Instead of constantly questioning how much more we could tolerate of our partner, perhaps we should be saying, ‘Thank goodness, there is someone designed exactly the way to withstand this much of my nonsense’. Appreciate what you already have, nurture it, and continue to enjoy the goodness.

It takes a very special person to be able to put up with me and my quirkiness. Mike, although married to me, attends social events as though he is still single. In time to come, when all his friends move to another phase of life stages, being parents, he will probably have to bring our future cat or dog to the gatherings.


It is because we truly appreciate and admire the partner whom we are married to, we do not attempt to change the person. I am probably going to stay weird for as long as I live, and he knows that then, now, and always. We help each other grow to becoming a better person, but we do not impose our idea of ‘better’ on each other. We take the pace as slowly and as quickly as we please, but we will always remember to wait up for the other person if we move too quickly.

Personal quirks:
Since I have ‘subscribed’ the pony to this blog’s feed, so that he is mandatorily forced to read it saves him from the hassle, and that I have said such nice things about him, I wonder if I would have my favorite salad on Wednesday? Hmm…



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3 Responses to “remembering…”

  1. Belinda Lee says:

    You are nutz my friend…..absolutely nutz and the pony is an evey bigger NUT for loving and putting up with you but I think thats because you’re a lovable NUT :D

    Just stay as you are. We all love your nuttiness and I do enjoy reading your errrr….quirky love notes, love story, life story…..your blog is entertaining! ;p

    • lissymeow says:

      mwahahaha!!! I know!!! Therefore, it is important to cherish the bigger NUT!!!

      It’s always warming to knowing that I am surrounded by peanuts wonderful friends.

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