Chiang Mai, Thailand | 19 & 20 Jan, Day 1 & 2

Arrived in Chiang Mai Summer Resort

Arrived in Chiang Mai Summer Resort

It was evening flight, so we left for airport at 5:30pm and had Texas Chicken at Terminal 1 of Changi Airport.

Out of habit, I asked Mike if he remembered to bring the envelope of Thai currencies which I thought he left on the bed while we packed the luggage. That was set aside for the lodging as the resort only transact in cash.

A phone call home confirmed that we had left the THB28,800 at home! Fortunately, we separated the money, so we only needed to withdraw the Singapore currencies and change it to Thai Baht in Chiang Mai. I couldn’t find my makeup pouch too, I thought I left it at home as well.

We arrived in Chiang Mai at around 11:30pm and took a taxi to Chiang Mai Summer Resort for THB120. The hotel is new, and the taxi driver couldn’t find the place. The owner of the resort was awaiting for our arrival, so he came out to look for us and directed the taxi to the entrance.

The weather was cold at night, and the considerate owner, Ju Wei, proposed that we do the check-in in the morning and showed us to our villa. We explored for a bit, washed up and turned in.

Good morning, Chiang Mai

I was up at around 7:30am, heard the monks chanting. Our immediate neighbor is a temple. The advantage of having the temple as our neighbor is that the Thailand’s law has it that within a specific area around the temple, no noisy activities is allowed. That is great news to us. We love quietness. The light chanting did not affect us at all.

Can't get more relaxed

What are you looking at!

I was excited about the in-house kittens.

Happy swing, can I play?

Fried eggs with bread

We had simple breakfast – included in our accommodation booking – at the ground floor of our villa. It was so quiet and serene.

Fruit salad with yoghurt

The cats play, everywhere

Room upstairs

The bedroom and reading corner are located at the 2nd floor, while the kitchenette and bathroom are at the ground floor. There is also a living room at the ground floor. Depending on the configuration, some villas have balcony and slightly different arrangement.

Nice decorations

I enjoy boutique hotel because it is more personal and private. The attention to details makes everything more cozy and warm.

Tea, books, and chats

Books and travel information at the cozy reception. We would later find ourselves spending many hours and evenings here, chatting and drinking with the very friendly hosts.

After breakfast, we did up the paper work for check-in and made full payment for the booking. Mike preferred to ‘do away’ with the accommodation payment first, so that we know how much we have left for spending.

We spent the rest of the late morning indoor. Mike read the Steve Job’s Bio on iPad; while I charged mine in the room upstairs and iMessage him for fun. That caused a spill-over accident on my solo keyboard with my glass of whisky!

Panic, I rushed to rinse the keyboard under running water.

Chevrolet across the street

The recognizable landmark around Chiang Mai Summer Resort. The small lane across this car showroom leads you to the lodging.

Turn here to get to hotel

Look out for the sign and turn in now! :P

Run across, NOW!

We headed out to buy snacks and have lunch in the afternoon.

We were given detailed guide on where to eat, change currencies and shop. We decided to walk to ‘Super Rich‘ to have the currency changed. The exchange rate was 24.60, rather good or better than we get in Singapore.

The weather was warming up, and I wasn’t enjoying it.

The canal which I thought was Ping River!

I mistook the canal as the Ping River. What? Water is water, big or small, who knows what is what!

The spidey

I don’t handle heat well, say, I have extremely low tolerance for heat. After we had the currencies changed, I had ‘absorbed’ too much heat in the system and I could only think of cooler venue.

Many restaurants are not equipped with air-conditioner, and they are partly exposed in the sunlight. We decided to have lunch here instead.

Banana split for me

I only had banana split, because it was too hot for me to have food.

Chicken with rice

Mike ordered stir fried diced chicken with rice and tom yum soup. He enjoyed the soup but commented that it was not that good.

Tom Yum soup

Making payment

Rest and relax

The key reason we decided to lunch here – cooler temperature inside.

Bubbles Live

The restaurant – Bubbles Live

Tinned cookies and snacks

Passed by the biscuit and snack shop. The shop is packed with tins of tidbits and biscuits! We didn’t buy anything here, so I was quite worried that the shop owner may chase me out, so I hid at a corner and took a quick snap and ran.


After lunch, we headed to the minimart to get some grocery and snacks. We passed by the wet market that also sells cooked food.

Century eggs

Pink century eggs! The husband walked away nonchalantly while I got all excited and took a photo of it.

We went back to the hotel after that. Rested for a bit, and took a shower as the weather was still warm.

Take the shoes off before coming up

Dinner was at a restaurant located further from our hotel, we took a tuk tuk for THB60. We were told that this restaurant serves authentic Thai food since they cater to mostly local patrons.

Most of the staff here didn’t speak English. We couldn’t even get spare business cards because they didn’t understand us.

Everything Thai


We had stir fried prawns. We noticed that the prawns in Chiang Mai aren’t usually as fresh as we would prefer.

Tom Yum Goong - Fail

Mike was still trying to find the best tom yum soup. He failed the dish at the first sip.

Steamed fish

The steam fish was the star of the evening instead. The fish was fresh and tasty.


You may choose the seafood before ordering.

I didn’t like the place much, as it was too dim without proper lighting. I am never comfortable with dining in poorly lit places.

Mini mandarin oranges

We walked back as there was no tuk tuk around. We passed by the same minimart that we came to in the day. The night scene was quite different.

Aren't you hungry yet?

There were many small food stalls set up along the walkway.

We bought some fruits, steamed peanuts and sweet potatoes.

Street food

Lights outside the temple

The temple located next to our hotel had a stretch of pretty lanterns hung outside the temple.

We spent hours chatting with the friendly owners, Ju Wei and Jun Lan. The hosts are originally from China, and have lived in Chiang Mai for more than a year now.

I was tired by 10:45pm. The weather was warmer than the night before, so we had the air-con turned on. Mike decided to use the ear plugs. We are extremely light sleepers so ear plugs helped with a more restful sleep.


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