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Personalized Cufflinks for the Pony’s Birthday | Early Presents


300×250 Competitions – Banner Rotator The past few weeks had been super busy, and I doubt it will wane off anytime soon; not at least until our annual vacation next Feb! The only times I ‘have’ to get out of the apartment are for medical appointments; I contemplated between some of my favorite well-known brands […]

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Busy in Every Department!

The girl walking on star

We are cutting back on travel trips for this year. We usually travel in the early part of the year – coincide with Lunar New Year, mid-year in May – avoiding crazy crowds in June school holidays, and year-end in October – coincide with my birthday. We have a lot to do this year, not […]

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Home-cooked Feast for Pony | Birthday 2011

Home-cooked Feast for Pony

The Pony enjoys home-cooked food, a lot. Unfortunate for him, the Meow he is married to, doesn’t cook; fortunate for him, the Meow’s mama is a superb cook! We advanced the birthday celebration earlier this week, so I thought of hiring a ‘informal professional’ chef aka the mama, who specializes in home-cooked dishes – which […]

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VIC - Great Ocean Rd - Apollo Bay

the nonsense… Some years ago, in that fateful July, our fates are sealed, forever. So, people say that it gets better with time, and surely they are not lying (whoever ‘they’ may be). The nonsense that brought us together, certainly get better with time too! Everyday, I am reminded that it has been the wisest […]

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Still enjoying

Abo, the modern cave man

It’s still unbelievable that we have been married for more than a year and a half, it felt like it was just yesterday. Our pace was in frenzy busy mode since we decided to tie the knot. I become a full-time crafter, working from home, while MIke busy ‘hunting’ for food out there.  Friends have […]

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